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Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Summary (2023)

The movie begins on the planet of the Maximals, where the villainous Transformer deity Unicron (played by Colman Domingo) is preparing to descend and consume the planet to gain power. Unicron commands his minions, the Terrorcons, led by Scourge (portrayed by Peter Dinklage), to retrieve the Transwarp Key for him. This key would grant Unicron the ability to access unlimited worlds for consumption. The Maximals - Apelinq (voiced by David Sobolov), Primal (voiced by Ron Perlman), Airazor (voiced by Michelle Yeoh), Rhinox (also voiced by David Sobolov), and Cheetor (voiced by Tongayi Chirisa) - prepare to leave the planet. However, Apelinq stays behind to defend their home and passes on the name "Optimus Primal" to Primal. Scourge, a hunter, confronts Apelinq and engages him in battle with his Freezer drones. Apelinq defeats the drones, but Scourge mortally wounds him. However, he realizes too late that the Maximals have already escaped with the key. Unicron proceeds to devour the planet.

In 1994, in Brooklyn, Noah Diaz (played by Anthony Ramos), a former soldier and electronics expert, lives with his mother Breanna (played by Luna Lauren Velez) and younger brother Kris (played by Dean Scott Vasquez). Kris is sick, and the family struggles to afford his medication. Noah visits the hospital but lacks insurance to help his brother. During a job interview, the company manager cancels the interview after speaking to Noah's former commanding officer, who praises his bravery but questions his ability to work in a team.

Elena Wallace (played by Dominique Fishback) works as an intern for a pretentious gallery owner named Jillian (played by Sarah Stiles). Detectives investigate the workplace due to suspicions of art forgery. Elena verifies the authenticity of the artworks, but Jillian takes credit for her findings. Elena discovers a statuette resembling Airazor, complete with the Transformers logo. Although Jillian believes it to be ancient Sumerian, Elena conducts her own research.

Noah seeks help from his friend Reek (played by Tobe Nwigwe), who convinces him to steal a Porsche from another company's garage to sell it. Noah manages to break into the garage and finds the Porsche. Meanwhile, Elena uses a device to examine the statuette further but accidentally breaks it, revealing part of the Transwarp Key inside. This triggers a signal that awakens the Autobots. Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen) summons Bumblebee, Arcee (voiced by Liza Koshy), and Mirage (voiced by Pete Davidson), who coincidentally is the car Noah is inside. As Noah is caught by a security guard, Mirage drives away, initiating a citywide chase. Noah realizes that the car is driving itself and, using his illusions, Mirage distracts the pursuing police, allowing them to escape.

Mirage takes Noah to a facility where he transforms into his Autobot form, shocking Noah. Optimus and Arcee are initially skeptical of having a human among them, but Bumblebee trusts Noah, and Mirage believes he is trustworthy. Optimus informs them about the key's signal and the need to retrieve it to return to Cybertron. Noah joins Mirage as they head to the art museum to find the key. However, Scourge and his Terrorcon allies Battletrap (also voiced by David Sobolov) and Nightbird (voiced by Michaela Jae Rodriguez) have already arrived on Earth, seeking the key.

Noah enters the museum and startles Elena, who mistakes him for an intruder. After a brief struggle, Noah tries to explain his need for the key, which Elena is unaware she possesses. Elena finally believes him when Scourge blasts a hole through the wall, killing a security guard. As the Terrorcons attack, the Autobots arrive to engage them in battle. While Optimus and Bumblebee go after Scourge, the deadly Terrorcon impales Bumblebee and fatally injures him. Optimus watches helplessly as Bumblebee dies. Before Scourge can harm Optimus, Airazor intervenes, driving Scourge and the other Terrorcons away, but not before they take a part of the key with them.

Scourge returns to Unicron and discovers that he possesses only half of the key. Unicron violently punishes his disciple, while Airazor informs the Autobots, Noah, and Elena about the situation. Elena determines that the other half of the key must be in Peru based on her research. Before departing, Noah visits Kris and entrusts Mirage with the responsibility of protecting his brother.

To reach Peru, the group travels inside Stratosphere (voiced by John DiMaggio), an Autobot that transforms into an old plane. During the journey, Noah suggests destroying the key to prevent Unicron's arrival, even if it means the Autobots will be stranded on Earth. Upon arrival, they encounter a local Autobot named Wheeljack (played by Cristo Fernandez), who guides them to their destination. Mirage equips Noah with a wrist device for self-defense.

Noah and Elena discover an underground cavern after deciphering Transformers symbols and descend further. Unfortunately, the Terrorcons have also arrived, and Scourge sends additional Freezers to capture Noah and Elena. The pair locates a crypt where the key should be, but it is empty except for inscriptions Elena documents. When they are spotted, they flee, pursued by the Autobots. During the chase, Optimus vows revenge for Bumblebee and attempts to confront Scourge, while the others engage Battletrap and Nightbird. Airazor joins the fight but is marked by Scourge's weapon. The group narrowly escapes.

Noah and Elena exit the caverns and find themselves in a jungle, where they encounter Primal and other Maximals. The Autobots come to the humans' defense until Airazor convinces Primal of their alliance. Primal reveals that the other half of the key has been moved to a nearby village, guarded by humans in an alliance with the Maximals. Primal shows Optimus a source of raw energy capable of reviving Bumblebee, but it requires a significant surge of power. Elena suggests to Noah that they should not destroy the key and compares him to Optimus, as both are protective older siblings.

The next morning, Airazor succumbs to the dark energy inflicted by Scourge, becoming corrupted. She attacks, prompting the other Maximals to subdue her. Primal reluctantly ends her suffering. Noah seizes the opportunity to destroy the key with the wrist device, but Optimus pleads with him to spare it. Reluctantly, Noah relents. However, this allows Scourge to seize the key and return to Unicron.

Scourge fuses the halves of the key, creating a platform above a volcano to summon Unicron. Realizing their mistake, the Autobots, Maximals, and Noah and Elena unite to confront the villains. Elena deciphers a code from the inscriptions that can disable the key. The heroes charge into battle, with Primal commanding Rhinox and Cheetor to transform and fight the incoming horde of Scorponoks. Mirage assists Noah and Elena in reaching the platform to enter the code. Optimus and Primal team up to defeat Battletrap before Primal crushes his head with a wrecking ball.

Unicron draws closer to Earth, causing havoc in cities like New York. When Noah approaches, Scourge attempts to kill him, but Mirage sacrifices himself to shield Noah, resulting in Mirage's demise. However, Mirage transfers part of his body to the wrist device, creating a battle suit for Noah after hearing Kris's voice through the radio. The key's energy also revives Bumblebee, who joins the battle and turns the tide. Bumblebee flies into the sky with Nightbird and tears her apart. Optimus fights Scourge, nearly defeating him until Scourge destroys the computer used by Elena to enter the key, rendering it useless. Optimus dismembers Scourge, ripping off his head, and decides to destroy the key himself to prevent Unicron's advance. The key explodes, generating a vortex that banishes Unicron but nearly pulls Optimus with it. Primal and Noah manage to save him.

Although Unicron may still pose a threat, the Autobots and Maximals acknowledge their victory and part ways. Noah and Elena return home in Stratosphere, and Noah reunites with Kris and their mother.

Later, Noah attends another job interview and meets Agent Burke (played by Michael Kelly), who knows about Noah's involvement in Peru and his collaboration with the Autobots, despite Noah's denial. Burke offers Noah an opportunity to join a secret government organization, ensuring that Kris's medical expenses will be covered. Grateful, Noah observes as Burke enters a secret room filled with vehicles, gadgets, and other classified items. Noah looks at Burke's business card, revealing the name of the organization - G.I. JOE.

During the credits, Noah is with Reek as he repairs Mirage. Initially doubtful, Reek witnesses Mirage coming back to life at Noah's command.

Source IMDB : Transformers: Rise of The Beast

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